The Nature of Kazakhstan

Photostock Services is a part of the OPEN.KZ Environmental, Biodiversity and Climate initiative.

  1. Unique photo stories taken in Kazakhstan are available for the design of covers and editorials of corporate and on-board magazines.
  2. Original series of nature photos of Kazakhstan for online and offline PR campaigns of banks, telecom, fintech, retailers, domestic tourism, national companies and multinational funds. Photos will help you to localize the content of your influence channels as much as possible, showing images that are close to the mentality of the population.
  3. Fine Art photos for apartment interior design, office decoration and HORECA: high-resolution photos, murals and panoramas for photo wallpapers.

In total, more than 50,000 Valery Ayapov's photos are for sale, pictured in Kazakhstan over the past 20 years.

Kazakhstan Wildlife Photography&Video Services

  • We make a selection of photos on the subject you need
  • We carry out thematic advertising photo / video shooting on request
  • Preview photo galleries below are published online for the first time. Regular replenishment.
  • While examples of series of photos are posted here, we plan a full-fledged photo stock in the future
  • To protect your interests, we provide a well-written contract for the transfer of non-exclusive rights to photographic works

Contacts for inquiries: