Turkestan Pottery

UNESCO Certified Pottery Master Abaykhan Ryspaev

Turkestan. The workshop of Abaykhan Ryspaev, who received a UNESCO certificate, overlooks the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi.

"I work on Otrar clay, which is known for its special properties," says the master, Abaykhan Ryspaev, without stopping working on his next creation.

“I collect it on the Arys, when after the spring flood the water subsides and exposes the bottom of the river. First, I grind the liquid clay through a sieve to get rid of the roots of plants, shells. Then I pass it through the ball mill. And only then I add quartz sand and reed fluff, which acts as a cementing agent, providing the strength of the finished vessels. I learned these ancient secrets while communicating with the masters of Ferghana ceramics."